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The way of Streamline Meditation

Most people consider their minds are far too active to be able to meditate properly. They feel that they could never silence their thoughts and even if they could it would take a lot of effort. Both notions are completely false.

Meditation is a natural state

Its an experience that requires no effort.

According to the founder of Streamline Meditation, Malcolm Fletcher, the pure state of meditation is always visible to us right from the start. This is because the state of meditation is always present. Its already there. There has only ever been one small reason why we keep missing it. That’s because we habitually only focus on our thoughts and so miss the vast, silent field of pure consciousness from which all thoughts arise. All it takes is a more holistic view to start to see something quiet grand in our lives that was previously overlooked.

This reveals the highest truth of meditation. The state of meditation is something we can all access from the beginning. Its not something that is a goal in the future. Its always available here and now.

Benefits of Streamline Meditation

Accredited Streamline Meditation coaches

Streamline Meditation is taught by fully accredited coaches who have undergone a 12 month teacher training program and have been professionally trained by Malcolm Fletcher. They are the only licensed users of the registered trade mark, Streamline Meditation.

On this site you will find a dedicated team of fully accredited coaches who can show you how to discover this amazing process for yourself. They are also totally committed to ensure that the teaching of Streamline Meditation is permanently maintained in its purity and effectiveness.

Malcolm Fletcher
Founder of Streamline Meditation

In 1972, at the age of 19, Malcolm became a fully qualified teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM). He had undergone intensive training and study with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in both Switzerland & Belgium.

10 years later, he left the TM movement and abandoned all meditation techniques after he discovered that the essence of Meditation is in fact a naturally occurring process.

This direct insight was to become a major turning point in his life and inspired him to share this direct experience of pure awareness with others – Malcolm has simply called it Streamline Meditation.

Troy Drake
Streamline Meditation Executive Coach

When Troy attended a Streamline Meditation event back in 2008 it transformed his life entirely. As the owner of a prominent construction company, he had already achieved success in the business world, but was looking to find an effective way to reduce his own stress levels and to rebuild his health.

During the 4 sessions of that course, Troy soon discovered that Streamline Meditation was not only the most direct and effortless way to experience the state of meditation, it also had the power to deliver the inner changes he was looking for. From that day forward, his daily Meditations allowed him to eliminate stress and tension, and to re-create a much more relaxed, healthier lifestyle that was more in tune with his real values and goals.

In 2011 Troy was inspired to deepen his understanding of this ancient practice and studied with Malcolm to become an accredited Streamline Meditation coach. He has now shared this profound knowledge with many others.

Troy is also a Proctor-Gallagher “Thinking Into Results Facilitator” who holds a Diploma in Life Coaching and is a certified NLP practitioner.

With over 22 years of management and consulting experience behind him, Troy offers regular Streamline meditation courses online and in person with both individuals and corporate clients throughout the world.

You can start streamline mediation classes immediately online