The Story Behind Streamline Meditation

Malcolm Fletcher is the founder of Streamline Meditation. His incredible path of self-discovery has  brought to light meditation in its most natural and original form – one that is both highly efficient and effective through Streamline Meditation. Malcolm’s

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4 Meditation Goals

Whoever you are, whatever you do, Streamline Meditation can help you to improve your life. Over the past few decades, there have been hundreds of studies conducted throughout the world proving the many benefits of meditation. These studies

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6 Signs You Need to Start Meditating

There is no better way to drastically reduce your stress levels than to get into a healthy routine of regular meditation? Absolutely everyone can benefit from practising meditation, but if you are experiencing the signs below, we strongly

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How to Create an Ideal Meditation Space at Home

When it comes to meditation, the environment that you choose to meditate in matters. Although the ultimate goal is to be able to meditate in any environment (despite external distractions), creating a peaceful meditative space in your home

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4 Reasons to Introduce Meditation Into Your Day

There are many different reasons why people learn meditation. Some people are interested in its beneficial effects on mental wellbeing (like reducing stress and anxiety levels), others are interested in improving their brains’ ability in academic and business performance

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Improve Your Sleep with Streamline Meditation

Meditation and sleep Smart phones, laptops, Television, work pressures and the fast pace of life are some of the many contributing factors as to why people are simply not getting enough good quality sleep. A 2012 study showed

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stressed woman pressing her hands to her face

Meditation and Anger Management

People practice meditation to improve their lives and to foster a calmer and more peaceful relationship with themselves, others and the world around them. One emotion that meditation can be very helpful in moderating is anger. According to

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How to Release Stress

With the pace of life increasing and studies showing that 75% of the work force in Australia admit that they are feeling stressed  is potentially causing long-term physical health problems. It is more important than ever to manage

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Improve Relations in Your Workplace

Our relationships with our clients, staff, work colleagues and suppliers all come together to create an outcome. The success of the outcome depends on the strength and effectiveness of our relationships. Improved Relations at Work: This study found

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