Announcing our full-day meditation workshop in Brisbane

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In addition to our free half-our free meditation information sessions, we are also hosting a full-day meditation workshop in Brisbane for those who would like to take fully grasp Streamline Meditation and learn the proper methods to implement it into their daily lives.

Meditation workshop event description:

Why learn meditation?

An increasing number of scientifically-backed studies indicate that meditation can greatly improve performance, memory, well-being, stress management and creativity. Athletes, celebrities and high profile business people continue to promote the benefits of meditation; corporations such as Deutsche Bank, Google, Apple, HBO and Procter & Gamble promote meditation among their staff. Meditation is also used as a therapeutic tool to improve sleep, reduce depression and overcome trauma.

Streamline Meditation, dubbed as “the purest form of meditation” continues to help everyday people drastically improve their careers and personal lives. Join us for a life-changing meditation workshop, where we answer all the questions you may have about meditation and guide you through the correct methods required to use the simple, yet highly beneficial process of Streamline Meditation in your daily life. We also provide a free group coaching session after the workshop to track your progress.

Meditation workshop outline

Step 1: Introduction to Streamline Meditation
Step 2: Basic Principles of Streamline Meditation
Step 3: Refinement of the nervous system
Step 4: Long term benefits & strategies to introduce meditation into your day.
Step 5: Group meditation Coaching

Sunday, 14 February 2016 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (AEST)

Gravity Offices – Level 6 / 140 Creek Street Brisbane Brisbane, QLD 4000 AU

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What others are saying about our meditation workshops



Kay and Justin:

Hello our names are Kay and Justin Reeves and we are the creators and producers of Tenteram Fine Foods. We also run a healthy Indonesian cooking school all of which is done in the beautiful Currumbin Valley. We have been meditating using Streamline Meditation for many years and we were very lucky to be taught by the founder Malcolm Fletcher who has been teaching meditation for many years. We find meditation an essential part of our life and find great benefit from the inner peace of daily meditation. We found the relaxed and easy practice that is taught in Streamline Meditation enables us to meditate almost anywhere at any time. The inner balance and relaxation we gain from the meditation helps us to de-stress from our busy lives and we thoroughly recommend Streamline meditation to everyone. We certainly could not function without it and it reflects through our whole life of where we live to our home and through to our business Tenteram which is the Indonesian word for “Serene” which is what Streamline Meditation is all about; bringing serenity and calmness and total balance into your life.


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