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Make the Switch from Mindfulness Meditation Courses to a Streamline Training Class in Brisbane

Many people practice mindfulness meditation in Brisbane. But mindfulness meditation is just one type, and may not be the most effective at reducing stress and improving overall quality of life. In mindfulness meditation courses in Brisbane, individuals are often taught that this type of meditation promotes awareness of the present moment and acceptance of all experiences. But are these the real results of mindfulness?

In a typical mindfulness meditation class in Brisbane, students are taught to get rid of negative emotions, physical pain, and other undesirable sensations by observing them and forcefully detaching from them. All meditation has benefits to offer, but closing yourself off from unwanted experiences and forcing your mind to focus on a particular thing may not bring you the deep relaxation and full health benefits you’re looking for.

Is Mindfulness Meditation Real Meditation?

When you practice mindfulness meditation, you’ll feel better immediately because you have stopped thinking about your problems for a while. This is a good thing, but it means an abrupt return to the real world when you stop meditating and go to work or sit in traffic or interact with other people. You’ll have to meditate again to get that high back, because modern problems like interpersonal conflict and the challenges of balancing work and family don’t go away.

Another problem with mindfulness meditation training in Brisbane is that during mindfulness meditation, just as the name implies, the “mind is full” of what the body is experiencing and the surroundings. Sometimes the practice involves focusing on the breath or reciting a mantra, more stuff to fill the mind with. These tasks do not beget a real meditative state and can, in fact, interfere with the mind’s natural ability to enter the meditative state.

An Alternative to Mindfulness Meditation in Brisbane

Those looking for a mindfulness meditation course in Brisbane might consider trying Streamline Meditation instead. Streamline Meditation is the complete opposite of mindfulness meditation in that the mind becomes totally empty and silent naturally and is not forced to focus on – or detach from – any one thing.

When you practice Streamline Meditation, you’ll find that thoughts and images automatically settle down and what will remain is pure consciousness and expanded awareness. Streamline Meditation is a naturally occurring meditative state that requires no object to focus on. All that is required in Streamline Meditation is turning the attention within to experience awareness of the natural meditative state already present in everyone. It involves simply letting go and experiencing real meditation effortlessly.

If you are looking for a mindfulness meditation class in Brisbane, consider a Streamline Meditation class instead. Streamline offers corporate meditation courses and will travel to any main city in Australia to lead workshops, or you can come to their Samford facility for a training class. Visit http://streamlinemeditation.com.au/ to find out more or book a training course. When you experience the long-lasting benefits of Streamline Meditation, you’ll wonder why you ever tried it any other way.

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