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We offer you a number of ways you can experience Streamline Meditation from anywhere in the world. Our workshops provide the perfect introduction to this powerful teaching. We also provide ongoing weekly group meditation sessions and Q&As to support our growing community.

The state of meditation is always naturally occurring and permanently accessible to us all so we don’t really need techniques or laborious instructions to quieten the mind. The mind has its own innate ability to be silent which allows the state of meditation to become self-evident.

Although this process is very simple and natural, it should be learnt properly from a fully qualified teacher of Streamline Meditation. This is because this meditation can produce a variety of individual experiences that need to be assessed correctly by an experienced teacher.

The quality of the teacher also contributes greatly to the transfer of this supreme understanding. Apart from any verbal instructions, there is an intuitive rapport that develops in the presence of a highly advanced teacher that is invaluable. This opens the doorway that allows the new meditator to move into a much deeper experience right from the start.

Meditation Workshops

Our workshops are an introduction into Streamline Meditation where you will learn the benefits and be guided through the process in either a group or one-on-one session.

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From Ancient Warriors to the Workplace

Thousands of years ago, meditation in its original and most powerful form was a highly guarded secret amongst elite warriors. Its power gave them an obvious advantage and its practice allowed them to manage the effects of stress and to overcome fear. It also allowed them to outperform their enemies by maintaining a calm state of mind in the highly stressed environment of battle. Meditation was also used to overcome any negative impact of post-traumatic stress on the mind and body afterwards.

These ancient warriors held pure meditation in the highest regard. They knew it allowed them to perform action at higher speed, with greater efficiency, while being more in the zone and free from distracting thoughts.

The Meditation Advantage

Harvard Business School now lists meditation as one of the most effective tools for businesses. In the past decade some of the world’s largest companies have embraced this knowledge with great results. These benefits include reduction of stress levels, increased focus, better decision-making, increased innovation and improved creativity.

Google, Apple, Deutsche Bank, HBO and Procter & Gamble are just a few of the top tier companies now promoting meditation within their organisations in order to deliver better outcomes. These companies have some of the best employee job satisfaction and employee retention rates in the world.

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