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What is a one-on-one workshop?

A one-to-one workshop allows you to get direct instruction from the coach and at times that suit you individually. Quite simply, this form of the workshop is for the person who doesn't want to learn in a group and feels more comfortable learning on their own.

During this one-on-one introductory online workshop, a fully-qualified instructor will teach you the benefits of Streamline Meditation and guide you through the Streamline meditation process. After completing our online workshop, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to meditate in your own time in the manner that best suits your lifestyle.

Book a one-on-one workshop

What is a group workshop?

There are several reasons why group workshops are our most popular way to learn.

Firstly they are less expensive, for obvious reasons, than the one-on-one workshop.

Secondly learning Streamline Meditation in a group allows you to learn off other participants questions without losing the one-on-one instruction.

Pick a time that suits you in the calendar and book in for your group workshop.

What’s included in our workshop?

The highest purpose of Meditation is to reconnect to the inner Self. By bringing the awareness back to the deepest level of the inner self during Streamline Meditation we reconnect to the infinite power and reserves that exist within all of us. This incredible experience will transform your life.

The Streamline Meditation workshop includes:

  • How to access a profound experience of mental stillness without effort.
  • The right understanding of your experiences during the meditation process.
  • How stress and tension is released from the nervous system during meditation.
  • Understanding the unfoldment of the higher states of consciousness.
  • How to develop a powerful daily practice in your own life.
  • Outline of the ongoing activities of Group meditations and Q&As you can enjoy.

Choose your Workshop

If you prefer to conduct your Streamline Meditation Workshop on your own, then purchase this option. We will then arrange suitable times with you for your workshop.