Earn rewards by simply referring others to Streamline Mediation

What is a Streamline Affiliate?

As a member of Streamline Meditation (excluding team memberships paid for by an organisation) you have a unique opportunity to help raise humanity’s consciousness by sharing the power of deep meditation.

A Streamline Meditation affiliate is someone that knows and enjoys the benefits of meditation and would like to earn an income by simply referring friends, family, work collages and people that want to experience the full benefits of meditation into one of our paying programs.

How does it work?

Share your personal affiliate link (which is in your members area) with prospects and when a sale is received for a paid program of Streamline Meditation through your personal affiliate link you will automatically be allocated a 25% commission to your account which you can see in your back office.

Your commission collected in your affiliate account will be paid into your PayPal account monthly.

How do I join?

The good news is, whilst you are a paying financial member of Streamline Meditation, you have already been allocated your personal affiliate link.

Your affiliate status and benefits will continue indefinitely while you are a paying financial member. This does exclude those who have been signed up under a team membership package through an organisation.

To access your details, log in to the members area, go to the affiliate page, get your personal link and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions